Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Reality TV Generations

As much as our TV screens are being bombarded with reality tv and we mourn the days of quality tv. I must says I do complain with the best of them. But at the same time, I love reality shows. I mean the same people who talk about how they hate mob wives, basketball wives, realhousewives,keeping up with the kardashians ......hmmmm.... the list goes on. These are the same people who are on twitter, updating facebook/blackberry /skype status, reading blogs, can't get enough of TMZ. These in their own way are/ is reality tv. 

I got thinking of this when I was watching 12 days of vlogmas, watching my favourite youtubers go about their day during the christmas season. I realised that not only can we not escape it, it has  become a part of our culture, our lives. It is so now easy to document our lives, from camera on mobile phones that can make videos, to compact digital camera making HD videos. I mean who uses a camcorder or a proper video camera these days.

Speaking of which, I was really surprised when a coworker told me of the latest addition to reality TV, wait for it......... Real Husbands of Hollywood ( yes people I missed the BET awards that why am late on this).

Here a clip I was able to find online, I still am not sure if this is for real or just a spoof.

                  By the way I love Kevin Hart. I think he is a store of amazing talent.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Loving the Wizkid new single - Thank you. 

Zara Sale Craving

Am always on the Zara website, love their clothes, love their website, love their styling, hate the fact that there is no online shopping in Canada.

Here are my recent cravings from their recent sale. Can't wait to get my hands on a few of things if not all.

Love the length and the zippers on the pockets 

Love the colour and  the high-low, very me, I love juxtaposition. 

Love the fitting of this jacket and how urban and slightly edgy this looks. 

 Love the unusualness of the jacket, it is almost like a cardigan and yet there is a casualness to it, it looks like a  it is made from recyled hoodies.

THE COLOUR, need I say more

Love this for work, the jacket is beautiful

Fell in love with this when I saw Lucy from lovelybylucy wearing this.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Most folk that know me know how much I love music of all types, especially when it is done right. These days there have been much more appreciation for Nigerian music and one can definitely see why. When I listen to Nigerian music, am not only moved to groove to the music but am inspired by the creativity and the quality achieved in the midst of all the technical and other difficulties that we Nigerian know exist in our lovely country. Such pride I feel when I see or speak of the talents that the country Nigeria has been churning out. 

Last year I discovered Chidinma MTN project fame winner ( a singing competition in Nigeria, similar to idols but not the same). What can I say, the girl has got talent and has also got incredible talents as her management/team backing and contributing to  her work.

Then I stumbled onto this video of Chidinma featuring in Tesh Carter's video "in the air" directed by Clarence Peters. And I applause the amazing work. I think the video show the tougher edge that Chidinma has that is not really obvious in her other songs. Oh and did I mention that I love Chidinma's short do.  Tesh Carter is amazing in this video and Clarence Peters does what he does best with the directing and concept of the video. In all, it is a good collaboration of amazingly talented people. The only complaint I have about this video is that its too short for me (lol) I wish it was longer, that's how good it is.

Great job guys!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pretty interiors (living room edition)

 Like  most people, I love pretty things, I love looking at them. They inspire me and in a way I get in to that mood to organize the world/space around me.

Lately I have been looking at pretty interiors and saving pics that inspire me to create similar ideas in my space.

Let start with living/family rooms.

                                       Images from blogs the glamourai and apartment therapy

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meal for one

Came home from work today and here is what I threw together. This recipe is a great way to use left over boiled spaghetti and it is frugal as well, uses very few ingredients. And given the quantity I made, it was a meal for one.

- Some left over boiled spaghetti just enough for one person
- spinach (chopped)
- 1/4 red bell pepper ( chopped)
- 1/4 of a medium size onion  (chopped)
- one knorr chicken cube ( the one that comes with two cubes in one wrapper)
- Shrimp  ( I used two jumbo shrimp)
- chilli powder
- olive oil or any vegetable oil of your choice

- Chop your spinach ( chopped in chunky bits) , red bell pepper and onion

-Unshell the shrimp ( if it is not, mine was not)
- Add some oil to a pan and when it is a little bit hot, add the chopped bell peppers and onions, sautee on medium heat.
- After a 1-2mins, add the shrimp, the one knorr chicken cube and some chilli powder ( the amount of the chilli powder to depends on how hot you want it, one teaspoon is good enough). Keep the heat at medium.

- Once the shrimp is evenly pink, add the cooked spaghetti and the chopped spinach

- Cook on medium heat till the spinach starts to wilt, stirring to ensure all the seasoning  and ingredients are well mixed.
                                                      Viola !you have a meal for one

A cooking series?

Cooking is one of the things I enjoy doing. And I am quite lucky that I can follow a recipe or cook from scratch without it being a fail. I am not saying that I haven't goofed when it comes to cooking, that happens sometimes. I always seem to know how to fix it when it does come out wrong, a friend of mine mentioned that it must be the chemist in me ( I am a biochemist).

As much as I enjoy cooking, there is nothing like cooking from scratch from ingredients you have just laying around in  your fridge. I do the often actually, sometimes inspired by an actual recipe that I read and using what I have to achieve that. Other times it is me just trying to be creative and put things or flavors I know go well together.

Stay tuned as I tell how I went from this

To this